About us



AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN SOLUTIONS is born from the hearts and dreams of Gabriel & Ericka Mejia in March 2022 was formally founded in Knoxville TN.   After analyzed the urgent need of construction services in USA, plus the goal of making our towns and cities beautiful in the areas that are vandalized, like parks, streets, buildings and much more with our construction services, arts and and sculptures.

Our construction experience it is for almost 30 years and the  Art experience of our Artist it is for almost 40 years having a numerus works done thru all this years.   As a Team with multiple talents we offer wide variety of services, making us different from others companies because the combination of ART &  CONSTRUCTION services together.   We are a family owned business dedicated to serve and provided the great services and results.

We are proud of our Artist had the opportunity to do important art jobs  in different countries  like Honduras, Mexico and now as a team we will be working in USA.



We are a company that are compromise to make better any place that we are allow to work and guarantee our services,  being punctual , responsible and provide fare price making their investment value  the services received.  The satisfaction of our customer it is our priority.



Is keep educate us in all the opportunity areas of our company for our grow also to provide better services to our customers.



Being the best option for our customers and grown in the way we can impact more people with jobs.



We are a company that distinguish us because our values: honestly, punctuality, loyalty, respect, ethics, quality, responsibility and know how to work and grow as a team.



    • WATER LINES: from the street we can do the excavation and put the water pipes up to 2 feet from the property.
    • LAND LEVELING:  clean, design and level the lot for any purpose need it.

    • DRIVEWAYS AND PARKING LOT DESIGNS: when there is a lot that is virgin there are a lot of needs if wants to be useful for any purpose like a residential, business, etc.  We can help the owner decided, design and do the new drive ways and parking spaces.

    • HARSCAPE & LANDSCAPE DESIGNS:  Any place can be transform with pretty design for just walk ways or stones, bricks, plants and trees even a pool or pond area can be amazing with any upgrade with our hardscape arts and designs.

    • FOUNDATIONS: depending of the project needs this can be done by concrete, footers or blocks.

    • PERZONALIZED MURALS:  this can be inside or outside, residential or business, small or very big, personalized murals with drawings, logos, letters and idea we can make it a mural.

    • SCULPTED ART: we can do any sculpture by recycle, wood, metals, stones, bricks and much more materials, can be any size and design.  Make it very personal and specially made just for our customer.